MarineMax Goes Barging!

MarineMax Vacations has expanded their bareboat offerings from the existing fleet of sailing yachts in the BVIs and soon-to-come power charters at the same destination to include the inland waterways of Europe.

Partnering with Locaboat Holidays, a well-known provider of barge bareboat charters on European canals, MarineMax Vacations adds more than 200 itineraries on the canals of France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland and even Poland.  Their fleet includes the Penichette-style boats based on the original commercial barges that once populated these waterways as well as boats with more modern styling.

We’ve chartered with Locaboat several times, and you’ll find a great feature on a Locaboat cruise through the heart of Burgundy in the premiere issue of CharterSavvy, out shortly.

For information, contact MarineMax Vacations, (888) 461-5497.

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