Willy T: Bad News, Now Good News!!

After the legendary Willy T floating pub and party pirate ship dragged anchor during the BVI hurricanes and was destroyed, the owners set to find another---converting a vessel in the U.S. and taking it to the Willy T location on Norman Island.  At first, it seemed all was fine and then the BVI government suddenly decided they didn't want Willy on Norman Island where, it seems, a luxury resort was being developed that didn't want anyone rowdy in their bay.  The government caved, and the Willy T was out.  

But, after meetings with the government in May, owner Ewan Anderson was able to have a hopeful commitment that the Willy T would be welcome at Great Harbour on Peter Island.  Anderson described the government as "helpful" and that permits were being processed.  The new Willy T appears to be a converted oil rig supply vessel, so doesn't have the "piraty" look with masts and poop deck for guests to jump off.  But, judging from the joyful response, the bareboat charter world is just happy to have Willy back.  


Virgin Motoryachts 30% Off Starting NOW!!!

Virgin Motoryachts, now under the capable management of Gary and Alexia Lucas, is offering a great 30% off sale for any charter booked before November 31st, so don't dilly-dally.  They're the only exclusive motoryachtcharter company in the BVI and they have a quite spectacular fleet that includes Leopard powercats in 43-, 48- and 51-foot lengths with three and four cabins, brand new Hudson 48 powercats, Horizon 48 monohull yachts, Cranch Atlantique 51-footers, and Horizon 46 monohull motoryachts.

Check out this deal at or call (284) 495-2526


WOW! 30% Off At Sunsail!! Act Now!

Sunsail has just knocked a whacking great 30% off all their bareboat charters....worldwide.  Everywhere!!  You can do the Med, Caribbean, Australia, Tonga, England...wherever you want!  

Here's the deal.  You have to act fast and make your reservation before August 28, 2017.  The offer is good for seven day charters as late as October 31, 2017 and, of course, availability is going to be limited as other bareboaters grab this deal.  Call (800) 230-7601 or go to  Don't miss out!


Bareboating Photographers Beware!

If you're like me, I like to carry my photo gear with me when I get on a plane headed for a bareboat charter. But new rules just announced are going make that a big pain. The new TSA rules require travelers to remove all electronic devices larger than a cell phone from their carry-on for screening in their own bin, just as you have to with a laptop or tablet now.

But they mean that every item has to have its own bin, which means camera body in one, lens in another, long lens in another, wide-angle lens in another.  And if you thought people were cranky when you took your time taking off your shoes and belt, well, this won't be fun.

The new procedure is in place at ten airports, including LAX and Logan, but it will go to all airports in the coming months.

You can duck this if you enroll in TSA PreCheck, which costs $85 for a year and speeds you past the TSA lines. Those enrolled in the program won't be subject to the added screenings. For more info, go to



MarineMax Savings On Power Cat Bareboating!!

MarineMax is offering some great deals on their Power Cats in the British Virgin Islands.  For you powerboaters, you know how great these are.  For you sailors, it's time to dip your toes into the power world and do it with big savings!!

The MarineMax 382 and 443 Power Cats are offered at a 15% discount during the period of April 3 and May 20 for a 7-day charter, but you have to book by March 31, so don't dilly-dally.

Bareboat charter the new and very cool MarineMax 484, and you'll get a free day which means, if you haven't figured it out, that you only pay for 6 days and get 7.  This deal is good from May 1 to May 31, and from August 1 until Sept 30.  But you must book before March 31, so don't delay.  

For details: MarineMax,, (813) 644-8071

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