Our experienced team of writers and photographers is led by award-winning editor Chris Caswell, the former Charter Editor of Yachting Magazine and author of the two “bibles” of bareboat chartering: Smarter Charters and Charter A Boat. With nearly four decades of experience, Caswell was bareboat chartering when many of today’s editors were still playing with rubber duckies in the tub, and is recognized as the “go-to” authority on bareboat charters.

Each and every one of our crew is a hand-picked “charterholic” with bareboat chartering experience worldwide. Our editorial team is not only the best in the business, but just as crazy about bareboat charters as you.

What you'll find in CharterSavvy are in-depth articles on charter destinations, reviews of charter yachts, and insider tips on everything from legal affairs to keeping the kids happy.

CharterSavvy: It’s All About Bareboating!
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