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Bareboat Certification!!

Our mention of a Certificate of Proficiency to show your boating experience, especially if you’ve been sailing for years, raised the ire of some sailing schools and so we are amending our comments.

Over the past year, many CharterSavvy readers who want to bareboat in Europe (or elsewhere) have encountered major headaches because the authorities in several nations are cracking down on how you prove your boating qualifications. 

This is a governmental issue, not an issue with the charter companies.  You may meet all your charter company’s experience requirements but, unless you have a piece of paper called the International Certificate of Proficiency (Certificat International De Conducteur, or ICC), you’ll have to hire a captain for your charter.  This is especially true in Croatia.

To get your ICC, you can take a series of sailing classes that lead to a certification, or you can pay for an extensive “evaluation” by a sailing school.  All of this involves travel and lodgings, adding to your out-of-pocket costs.

But what if you’ve been sailing for years?  What if you’ve chartered many times in the British Virgins or the San Juans or elsewhere that required experience but not a certificate?  Do you really have to have to go back to sailing school? 

Here’s a zinger. The United States is not a part of the European Union and didn’t sign Resolution #40.  And the United States doesn’t issue boating licenses.  And we’ve heard reports of sailing certificates (and even a USCG license, being declined. 

It seems, particularly in Greece and Turkey, that officials are vague on what is required.  Croatia, no, they’re playing hardball.  But for Greece and Turkey (and elsewhere), one charter broker noted, “It’s safe to say that pretty much anything that looks official will work.”

And so we come to the American Yachting Association, a team of licensed captains, who think you should get credit for your knowledge and they offer the AYA International Certificate of Proficiency based on the boating experience you already possess. Fill out their free evaluation form, let their team take a look, and you're on your way.

Here’s the deal they’ve offered to CharterSavvy subscribers.  For just $49.95, you get the AYA International Certificate of Proficiency: a passport-sized folder with your photo and data, written in nine languages to make it easy for local port authorities to understand and approve.  CharterSavvy subscribers also get a hard-laminated ID card for your wallet and you even get free shipping.  And not only is the evaluation free, but they offer a 100% moneyback guarantee!  

Even if you don't plan to charter in Europe, this is a great way to impress your sailing buddies and, besides, it's good for five years. Who knows when you'll need it?

This deal for CharterSavvy readers won’t last forever, so click here for the American Yachting Association website, or email them by clicking here to request your free evaluation form. 

Seems like a pretty cool thing to have, but check with your charter broker to see what is required in each area.


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