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You & The Sun

We normally leave the medical side of things to the HealthSavvy column in every issue of CharterSavvy, but the recent changes to sunscreen ratings are worth noting.  Besides, our dermatologist just gave us a lecture about boats, sun and fair-skinned people.  

Taking effect this summer are new FDA rules regarding the labeling of the various sunscreens.  First, the claim of “broad spectrum” will have to meet tougher standards for UVA protection (which penetrates deep levels of the skin).  All sunscreens must have an SPF rating but, on products without the “broad spectrum” label, that SPF applies only to UVB protection, which affects only the outer layer of skin.

To be called water resistant, the sunscreen must last at least 40 minutes of swimming or 80 minutes of sweating.  A fact box will be required on each sunscreen with warnings and important information.

Tips: Always choose SPF 15 or higher, and the American Academy of Dermatologists recommends a minimum of SPF 35.  Under the new labeling, always choose “broad spectrum” for maximum protection.  Last, don’t rely just on sunscreen.  The toughest times for your skin is between 10 a.m and 2 p.m, so use hats, long-sleeve shirts and sunglasses.  

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